Read this post to learn about the simplest and most successful strategies to monetize your blog and reach a large audience.

Everyone is talking about monetizing websites, a profitable alternative to produce money that is done by utilizing advertising networks. This information, which may be displayed in a variety of ways, gets published and will open the door to your revenue.

If you are relying on an already established or merely starting Strikingly page, let us inform you that you have a valuable business in your hands. Since China launched this service, they have become the new blogging stars. Examine the outcomes of monetizing your strikingly website.

Why is this the case? Ads are presented at the right time to the right person, creating attention, actions, and impressions. These interactions produce cash while increasing your flow and making your app “more renowned” among others. The ideal combination! And if you need more, you won’t have to put in any more effort or learn anything new. When the time comes to choose a firm, all you have to do is make the best decision possible.

So, if you want to include an ad monetization corporation in your business, you must first analyse and understand all of the characteristics of your blog. We recommend that you make a basic list with all of the facts listed down. Also, your expectations. What you’re going at is a truth that should not be overlooked.

By compiling these two lists, you’ll have a solid foundation to study and compare different competitors. Take it with you and see how well it fits into your lists when analysing a corporation. A simple yet useful activity that will make your search simpler.

After selecting a firm, you only need to be aware of its processes; in other words, you simply open the doors of your business, and algorithms from ad networks begin their job. In many situations, a basic code and a few form adjustments are all that is required to be added. After that, simply open your account and watch it develop as you work on other elements or generate new material.

The most challenging stage is identifying the ideal firm from the vast ocean of opportunities in this emerging sector. That is why we conducted preliminary research and market analysis in order to recommend the world’s best firm ever:


This company, MediaFem, is the best advertising network for promoting your blogs or applications because it’s one of the most approachable, reliable, and knowledgeable businesses in the field. Its services are used by a lot of bloggers, owners of websites and apps, businesses, and other developers to rescale and increase their profitability and organic flow. Each component is perfectly concentrated and targeted, making MediaFem a standout partner on this enjoyable voyage.

It gives the most sophisticated degree of digital competence together with a basic basis and adaptable advertising techniques that correspond to the actual needs that each user desires. It’s significant to note that MediaFem gives page providers and enterprises, respectively, 30% and 70% of the credit for its performance.

In order to create a global programme in which people may actively participate, MediaFem uses an algorithm to analyse websites or blogs. You could get paid when someone scrolls over, clicks on, or otherwise interacts with an advertisement that you posted from a sponsor. It is really uncomplicated and passive. This is considered the most successful and great development.


Another reputable site for sponsored material is Outbrain. It distinguishes itself from rivals thanks to its distinctive features, top-notch publishing business network, ongoing improvements, and excellent customer service. The only problem is that for Outbrain to investigate your website, it has to have at least 10 million views every month. Along with display and video ads in feeds and articles, Outbrain also provides native advertising.


You could need local ads, which MGID excels at providing. Consider using native advertising if you don’t want the advertisements on your website to be noticeable.

MGID may be the self-service platform for you if you’re a marketer wanting to get started. You may increase ad impressions while focusing on your company’s goals and objectives with the help of MGID’s personality solution and selection of ad styles. You may simply and quickly extend the reach of your company’s ad by publishing it on their native advertising platform with real-time statistics.


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