To give you an idea of the effort required to generate income with a blog, I present some relevant data on motivation, profitability, publication frequency, time per post, growth, etc. One of the most important things to consider when it comes to having a successful blog is to have things clear and know what awaits you. If you think that to make money with a blog is enough to do 2 or 3 sprints, you are wrong. Here we will tell you what you need to know to achieve a successful monetization and the best way to prepare for 2003. Continue reading Best Way To Monetize Your Blog In 2023.

Some relevant facts about blogging you should keep in mind before you start

1. Motivation: 95% of bloggers leave their blog within the first year.

2. Income: to earn 200 dollars with a blog you need approximately 100,000 visits.

3. Time: a short post has 400 words and requires a minimum of 1 hour to write.

4. Frequency: it depends on the competition in your niche, but you have to post every day of the week.

5. Growth: Turning 100 visitors into 100 readers takes the same number of days.

6. Trading: the price of a blog is the monthly income multiplied by 12-24.

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Essential skills to earn money

Beyond knowing how to set up a blog, the specific abilities you’ll need to depend on the kind of revenue model you’re developing. A mailing list, for instance, is crucial in a blog that aims to build a community of trust. It is not entirely obvious why you need it for a niche website that only focuses on Google AdSense revenue.

But there are two things you should learn

Copywriting: It is the art of writing your texts (especially their titles) to seduce the reader, to, first, capture their attention and then get them to click on those things that interest you.
SEO (web positioning): Google is the largest source of traffic that exists, you can not ignore it, and yet many people do. I’m not saying that you become an SEO crack, but learning the basics is affordable and enough to get a lot out of Google.

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