Even if you are a beginner, display advertising is worth giving it a try. So we’ve gathered some tips and formulated a 3-step guide for you to take into account and start making a profit off your blog. So, read on!

Online advertising has changed significantly during the past ten years as a result of the emergence of new technologies, middlemen, third-party players, and other participants. With the introduction of display advertising the rules of the game have changed.

But, what is display advertising? Banner ads that appear in certain locations on websites, social media platforms, or any other type of online platform that monetizes its traffic through advertising are referred to as display ads.

Although display ads have many distinct forms and formats, their fundamental ideas remain the same. By showcasing a unique piece of design, they want to attract clients’ attention and turn that interest into an opportunity for companies to promote their goods.

1-Plan Your Advertising Strategy

Making time to plan ahead can lessen the likelihood that you will make strategic errors. Similar to what happens when you accidentally kick the table’s leg while wearing bare feet, entering a room in the dark without a torch can be uncomfortable. That might damage your brand’s reputation and cost you your entire advertising budget.

First, you need to set goals. You don’t want to select the incorrect advertising objective: What would happen if you attracted traffic to your homepage but realised you had no means to convert that traffic into a potential customer because you had chosen the wrong goal?

Second, define your audience. It’s crucial to target an audience. For instance, if your business delivers nutritious cat food to customers’ doors on a regular basis, you shouldn’t target owners of dogs, horses, or birds. They are an entirely distinct audience.

There are many ways to define an audience, but the best is to use the tools offered by your advertising platform to establish small, close groups of individuals who fit the profile of the “perfect customer.”

Finally, define which products or services you want to feature. It’s best if you can be as specific as possible. Because of this, businesses tend to concentrate more on promoting certain goods and services that they know will sell well than on national or even international ad campaigns, as was the case before the internet became widely used.

2-Track Advertising Performance

You could wonder: don’t advertising platforms track ad performance automatically? Sadly, both “Yes” and “No” are correct.

On their end, marketers do keep track of how well their ads are performing; they retrieve the information on things like clicks, impressions, purchases, etc., and then aggregate it in your campaign’s dashboard for you to review.

Great advertisements may fail to convert for reasons other than the copy they provide, such as landing pages, checkout processes, pictures, and obviously costs. The data they are providing you with isn’t entirely accurate because they don’t know everything that transpires once a user clicks on an advertisement.

3-Choose The Right Ad Network

Choosing the right ad platform is as important as the 2 previous items we’ve mentioned. The revenue you get and the choices you get with regards to ad format and more will depend on it. 

That’s why we strongly recommend you give MediaFem a try. MediaFem is the most effective, popular, and user-friendly advertising network available. By posting text, pictures, or videos on your website, adding banners, and enticing people to browse around while they’re there, you might be able to make money. One of the most important things to remember is that MediaFem does not require you to have a specific minimum level of traffic or readers. You start making money as soon as you start working with this business partner.

It has created a set of customised branding with the aid of a wide range of reliable publications that enables each advertisement to target clients who are interested in the content being delivered. Bloggers receive 70% of the revenue from the adverts they place on their websites.

Some of MediaFem‘s advantages are…

It has access to a wide range of demands globally: MediaFem might be able to assist you protect your brand while delivering top-notch content. The line has the following safety and security precautions: They found that well-known companies produce top-notch publications. Any demand source that MediaFem approves for inclusion on their network is assessed utilising a multifaceted approach.

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