If you are a marketer and are looking for information about supply-side platforms, this is the article for you. We are going to go over the benefits of these networks and the best one in the market to monetize, so don’t miss out!

The online world became the hot spot for marketers globally as a result of the global shift from traditional advertising to digital advertising. However, it shouldn’t be surprising that online advertising methods are altered so swiftly given how quickly the digital world is developing. Prior to a few years ago, the majority of marketers relied on display advertising and had to make direct contact with websites to buy their available ad inventory. But as a number of intermediary services emerged in the shape of supply-side platforms, things swiftly changed.

These platforms came into being as a solution to a rising issue in the sector. Fill rates became a problem as the online market expanded and more significant large publishers rose to prominence. Supply-side platforms (SSPs) emerged as the ideal option as publishers were forced to find a quick and dependable means to sell their remaining ad inventory. Through these platforms, publishers may offer some of the biggest names in the market their available ad inventory. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using A SSP For Marketers?

Using supply-side platforms is beneficial not only for publishers but also for companies trying to sell their products and services. First of all, it allows marketers to have their products advertised online at a very low cost. This means, it allows you to maximise revenue.

Second, SSPs are very simple to use. These platforms are very intuitive and don’t present much complication. Therefore, you don’t need specific training or knowledge to get started with them.

Finally, you don’t need to get in touch with publishers directly. All you need to do is register on these platforms and they will assign your ads to the blog or website that best fits your niche. Because of this, your probabilities of getting more sales are higher. 

Which Is The Best SSP In The Market For Marketers?

The best supply-side platform for markets in 2022 is MediaFem. Publishers connect their websites to the ad network, which enables businesses to compete to have their advertisements appear on those websites. The publisher receives a portion of the ad’s bid each time a website visitor clicks or views a billboard. The discrepancy is viewed as a fee by MediaFem.

MediaFem has kept up with advancements in advertising for more than 13 years since its start in the UK. All adverts can only be viewed by people who are really interested in what is being offered thanks to a set of protocols developed by MediaFem.

It functions by analysing websites or blogs using an algorithm to create a dynamic programme that visitors may actively participate in. If a user scrolls or clicks on an advertisement produced by an advertisement provider, you can receive payment. The link will help your reader because it will point them to the article.

MediaFem is renowned for producing high-calibre content. It gives out a good first impression and reacts fast to advertising demands. In a market that is cutthroat, this information is essential. By providing pertinent information and using more profitable strategies than the majority of other advertising organisations, MediaFem has grown into the organisation that it is today.