Experts predict that native advertising will expand at the highest rate of any online advertising format in 2023 and become the most sought-after kind of advertising. One essential component of content advertising that we must not overlook is native advertising. This is a fresh method of content advertising that you should be aware of.

How to apply native advertising

1. Identify the ideal client

First and before describing our ideal client, we must identify their likes, fears, or preferences in order to solve their challenges and objections and offer them the information they need.

2. Define the formats and the channel

After having defined what type of person the advertising strategy is going to focus on, it is time to consider the formats and the channel to be used.

The fundamental characteristic of native advertising is that it is not intrusive, but it is direct, that is, it appears as an advertising format on blogs or websites but within a context where information is being sought, so it does not arrive in an annoying way for the user. Username.

For example, publishing a post on a website or blog related to the company to be promoted. This post must have a clear structure and focus on the message that you want to spread without going into details about the product or company.

Information of interest! You can search in some blogs, and paid articles, and you will see that they have tags of the type: sponsored.

Some ideas to carry out native advertising campaigns:

Informative videos on Youtube.
Sponsored Links on Facebook
Sponsored Tweets on Twitter
Instagram posts
Blog articles

3. Analyze the results

We mention it whenever we talk about advertising campaigns, the ideal is to be able to measure all actions that are carried out to know the return obtained and if it has been worth the investment in time and money.

For example, some basic and easy-to-understand metrics are the number of visitors to the page where the post or article was published, and the number of clicks or conversions (registrations or leads) that have been obtained.

This is where the use of platforms specialized in native advertising plays a very important role in its success, which is why in this article we review the 3 most outstanding platforms.

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