If you have a blog or are planning to create one, don’t think that monetization is successful by itself: you have to work for it. 2023 seems far away, but the truth is that in terms of a good advertising strategy, it is the time you should prepare your plan to start the year with your platform already up and running. Below we will tell you some tips to get you started and we will talk about MediaFem, the best platform to monetize your content.

Before starting with the blog if your goal is to earn money…

If your goal from the beginning is to generate income with a blog, you must perform some previous tasks. Most bloggers looking for a return on investment in their activity forget that the level of difficulty can vary greatly depending on the topic they cover. Investing a few days of research before you start can multiply your returns by 10-20 if you hit the nail on the head.

Market study: carry out a preliminary market study to find the right niche in which you do not face so much competition or you can cover a fringe that the rest do not touch yet.

Focus on high-profit topics: choose topics that give the highest eCPM at the advertising level. The difference between creating a finance blog or a soccer blog can in some cases be a 20-30 factor in favor of the former.

Choose based on personal interest: in the long term, it is more important to maintain motivation than profitability based on the theme. Writing about life insurance is economically attractive, but it is still more difficult to maintain the illusion in this niche.

How to earn more than 2,000 dollars a month with a blog? With patience

If you haven’t been put off by the fact that having a blog that gets read requires work maybe you have the opportunity to earn $1,000-3,000 a month or more one day. Only those who are able to maintain a high posting frequency for 18-36 months and are very consistent in their work can aspire to achieve this income goal.

Start with a serious platform from the beginning

If you’re serious, you can’t start with a free blogging platform. You can’t start with something that severely limits you from the start. It’s stupid.

There is practically only one valid option for a content website and that is WordPress with hosting (an online store would be a different case).

Do not try to make money with a website if you are not willing to make, at least, that small investment.

Check MediaFem To Monetize

MediaFem is a full-featured online advertising platform. Combining cutting-edge technology and 12 years of industry experience, in order to provide you with a powerful and easy-to-use system to help your site grow and succeed.

By offering relevant content and adopting the most efficient methods than other ad networks, you can generate striking ads that will boost your traffic.

For displaying ads with MediaFem, publishers receive 70% of the revenue recognized by MediaFem in connection with the service.  Also support standard methods of payment to pay out publishers as Paypal.

For additional information on how to monetize with MediaFem, go to FAQMediaFem.com Or read How to make money with MediaFem Ads – Step by Step.

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