Companies are increasingly looking for more creative and less intrusive ways to reach consumers. And native advertising is a clear example of this, we are more likely to pay attention to native ads than to other types of ads such as banners.

The likelihood that many users will see a sponsored post increases with each one; however, this does not imply that they are all equally successful.

This is a good option if you want to improve the user experience of your online channels, and as a advertising firm, we can assist you in creating a successful native advertising campaign.

Native advertising, also known as native ads, is a strategy used in the world of content advertising ; it emerged as a response to some of the more intrusive forms of advertising that have been used inadvertently and without giving enough consideration to the target audience.

Native advertising, also known as native advertising , is a strategy used in the world of content advertising that was created in response to some more intrusive forms of advertising that were used inappropriately and without giving the recipient much thought.
Native advertising acts in an unobtrusive manner, bringing the user relevant information, whereas content advertising elaborates on the information that has already been presented to the user.

The secret to engaging users

Native ads are increasingly important on mobile, with an average click rate on native ads that is six times higher than traditional advertising, according to a report by the Mobile Market ing Association (MMA).

This kind of advertising has proven to be significantly more successful on mobile devices and has developed into a crucial component of advertising strategies.

The proliferation of native advertising makes its diversification clear, and among the most alluring platforms are social networks like Facebook or Twitter and e-commerce sites like Etsy or Amazon.

Have you ever wondered why native advertising is more effective? Here are the reasons!

1. More elaborate and creative format.

2. Content is more likely to be shared because it is embedded with information of interest.

3. It fits with the design of the digital medium.

4. It is not intrusive.

5. It can be integrated into different formats such as blogs, videos, or games.

6. The media can reject it if the content does not add value.

7. It is transparent advertising for the user.

8. Increase ROI.

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