If you are looking for the best ad networks that offer intermediation solutions for publishers, stay tuned! We are going to show you the best 3 ad networks in the market, simple to use and with instant results.

Initially, publishers found marketers willing to place advertisements on their websites and then sold space to them directly. However, as the display advertising market grew, a new issue arose. Because some inventory can go unsold due to direct sales, a middleman or technical platform was required to effectively sell leftover goods and automate the process. At that point, the ad network stepped in. An ad network is a technology platform that acts as a middleman between publishers and marketers. 

Nowadays, advertising platforms are the most commonly used method for making money from internet pages. You can use these tools to post content to your website and attract visitors. It also assists you in improving your search engine rankings and optimising your flow. Algorithms select the publishing add-on based on your website and the interests of your readers, ensuring that only the best content is displayed at all times.

The main benefit and significance of this is that you can continue to provide an excellent user experience while still making money from your app by serving relevant advertising to the appropriate users at the appropriate time. Once you’ve received permission, you can begin adding advertisements to your website and increasing your revenue with each user. You can increase your revenue and traffic while also connecting with more customers using this passive technique, allowing you to take your company to new heights.

Because of the high demand for these platforms, a market with a plethora of companies providing the same service has emerged. Because there is only one platform available, this is difficult. You must carefully consider your options because they will have an impact on how your website develops in the future. This is why we have selected the top 3 ad networks for publishers.


MediaFem was founded in the United Kingdom as a fully functional SSP platform with over 12 years of ad monetization experience. A number of publishers buy ad codes to entice visitors to read additional articles on the same page or to increase referral traffic revenue. Publishers can gain access to tools, intelligence reports, and customization options via the network, which is powered by a powerful prediction engine.

MediaFem has developed a set of “customised market” codes to ensure that all advertisements are seen by people who are genuinely interested in the products being advertised. Publishers have a variety of formats to choose from for their works, which can be used on websites, blogs, and mobile apps. MediaFem offers native advertising, online advertising, mobile advertising, and video advertising.


Outbrain is another reputable site for sponsored content. It distinguishes itself from competitors through its unique features, first-rate publishing business network, ongoing improvements, and excellent customer service. The only issue is that in order for Outbrain to investigate your website, it must receive at least 10 million views per month. Outbrain offers native advertising in addition to display and video ads in feeds and articles.


You may require local advertisements, which MGID excels at providing. If you don’t want your website’s advertisements to be visible, consider using native advertising.

If you’re a new marketer looking to get started, MGID may be the self-service platform for you. With the help of MGID‘s personality solution and ad style selection, you can increase ad impressions while focusing on your company’s goals and objectives. You can easily and quickly broaden the reach of your company’s advertisement by publishing it on their native advertising platform, which includes real-time statistics.