Native advertising is expected to grow at the fastest rate of any online advertising format in 2023 and become the most sought-after kind of advertising, according to experts. Native advertising is a crucial element of content advertising that we cannot ignore. You should be aware of this new approach to content advertising.

The key to connecting with users

According to a report by the Mobile Market ing Association (MMA), native ads are becoming vitally important on mobile with an average click rate on native ads six times higher than traditional advertising.

It has been shown that this type of advertising is much more effective on mobile devices and has become an important part of advertising strategies.

Due to the boom that native advertising is developing, its diversification becomes clear and one of the most attractive channels are social networks such as Facebook or Twitter and commerce platforms such as Etsy or Amazon.

Types of native advertising

1. Branded content

Native branded content ads seek to offer added value through content that attracts the user’s attention.

The objective is to be able to surprise a specific audience with techniques that create a strong bond with a community.

2. Sponsored Links

One of the best-known types of native advertising and when talking about social networks, it is common to identify it as in-feed ads.

3. Sponsored content

Going back to the New York Times post example, this would be a good example of native ads in sponsored content.

4. Featured search engine ads

This could be one of the most well-known types of native advertising.

More than 80% of consumers go to search engines like Google to find out about a product, companies, or service.

5. Product placement

It is nothing other than that product that appears, “like who does not want the thing”, in a movie. It is still used by big companies, although it is increasingly giving way to native advertising.

6. Widgets (small applications or programs) of content

You can distinguish these types of native ads because they usually have words like “You May Also Like” or “We Recommend” implicit in the paid content.

7. Promoted Lists

The best example of this is MediaFem. This type of native advertising is characterized by the fact that it is mixed with information from the site or the blog, showing itself in the same way as the products or services on the website.

8. Ads

Advertising messages that are located outside of the editorial content and link to an external page.

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