Native Ads or Native Advertising is designed to be integrated into the context of the media where it is published, combining stylistic and/or thematic elements. It encompasses forms of paid content advertising, such as editorial ads or advertorials (also known as Advertorials), paid posts, sponsored content, preroll videos, and pre-broadcast ads, as well as social ad formats (for example, Promoted Tweets on Twitter, Facebook boosted posts and YouTube video ads).

Adoption of native advertising technologies

After an initial wave, publicists quickly ran into problems, and publishers and networks were forced to grapple with concerns about the ability to properly distinguish ads from content.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has attempted to remedy some of the resulting problems through the introduction of new specifications. The IAB recently announced the OpenRTB Dynamic Native Ads API specification, which provides tangible evidence that the industry sees native advertising continuing to mature.

Still, native advertising continues to spark controversy over its effect on journalistic integrity and its ultimate applicability to advertising. While social implementations, particularly Facebook’s, appear to be effective and scalable, attempts by the media and other widely circulated publications have caused publicists to wonder about the costs of production, without always offering clear benefits.

Company dissatisfaction with the impact of standard display ads, especially on mobile screens, has prompted a wave of startups to address the cost and scalability issues of native advertising by automating as much of the advertising as possible. adapting the layout (usually with manual oversight), while offering publishers the promise of higher yields and more attractive pages.

Native advertising has also caught the interest of content marketers who have seen their earned media reach plummet as Facebook and other social networks have started charging more for access to their audiences.

Ultimately, the economics of advertising demand standardization for efficiency and scale as the new IAB standard demonstrates.

Native advertising must compromise diversity and strike a balance where ads can more easily adapt to native contexts while retaining standard building blocks like graphics, headlines, video, and response mechanisms.

Innovators on this path must achieve solutions that meet the high creative standards and performance goals of companies, the economic and aesthetic needs of publishers, and the public’s desire to clearly separate ads from content.

This will require greater technical prowess, creativity, and commitment from marketers and agencies.

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